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        In addition to the legal distinction between functional cookies and performance cookies, cookies can be divided into categories according to their origin, function and lifetime.

        英雄联盟艾欧尼亚First-party cookies 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚(direct cookies): these cookies are set by INI during your visit to one of our sites.
        • 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Third-party cookies 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚(indirect cookies): these cookies are set by a third party when you visit a INI website, such as cookies set by Google, Twitter or Facebook.
        • 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Functional cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚: these cookies monitor correct operation of the website. They include login cookies, registration cookies and language preference cookies. Functional cookies are first-party cookies.
        • 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Performance cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚: these cookies are set on the website for statistical, social or commercial purposes or to generate general visitor profiles. The purpose of performance cookies is basically to make your browsing session easier, more convenient and more enjoyable. Performance cookies may be first-party or third-party.
        1. Cookies set for statistics purposes enable the site managers to see which website pages you have visited and to geographically locate the computer/device used, e.g. Google Analytics.
        2. Cookies set for social purposes enable users to share website content on the social networks:Twitter, Facebook, etc. if they wish.
        3. Cookies set for profiling purposes enable the site managers to establish user profiles so as to be able to display advertising suited to their main interests: e.g. DoubleClick cookies.
        4. Cookies set for advertising purposes record the advertisements that have been displayed during a user’s browsing sessions and their frequency. A number of cookies of this kind are used by Google Analytics. This type of convenience cookies may be either first-party or third-party cookies.
        • 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Persistent cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚: also known as 'tracking cookies', these outlast an individual session and remain on your hard disk for a predefined period of time or until you choose to delete them.
        • 英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Session cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚: these are temporary cookies that enable visitors to navigate quickly and easily through the site during a browsing session. A browsing session begins when the visitor opens the browser window and ends when the visitor closes the window. All session cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Session cookies are usually functional cookies.


        英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Functional cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚
        These cookies are indispensable for proper operation of the website, and they do not reveal your personal identity
        Thanks to these cookies, you do not have to re-enter certain types of information each time you log on to the site. This includes your language preference, font type, your user name, etc.

        英雄联盟艾欧尼亚Performance cookies英雄联盟艾欧尼亚
        These cookies are set for statistics, commercial, social or profiling purposes.
        They help you receive the information that is most relevant and appropriate for you. If you wish, you can share this information on a social network with a single click.
        With regard to cookies set by third parties we refer you to the statements on their own websites. Please note that INI has no influence whatsoever either on the contents of these statements or on the actual contents of the cookies set by these parties.


        Any time you wish, you can adjust your browser settings for accepting or rejecting cookies. These settings can generally be found in your browser's Options or Settings menu.